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Window Coverings

Window Covering are mainly used for decorative purposes.

The benefit of window coverings is to cover the window s and to manage the amount of sunlight that enters a room. It also acts as an additional protector for weather proofing and privacy.

Best Deals Flooring has many window treatments to custom made or ordered to fit any type or shape of window. Best Deals Flooring offers countless options in colors, finishes and custom-color matching. We offer many options of window coverings: Curtains, Blinds, Shutters, Shades.



Blinds are simple modern and are uncluttered and look great for bedrooms, as they provide privacy and they block the sunlight from coming in. Blinds are made of slats that can stay closed tightly creating more privacy and keeping the sun's rays out. Blinds are either vertical or horizontal - and are separate slats that can be moved up or down to close off the light or allow more light in. You can open or close your blinds slats at different angles letting the sun in without adding glare to televisions and computer screens or you can angle them so that the sun comes in. The slats can be made of wood or plastic. Blinds can be hung various ways vertically or horizontally and they come in different styles; such as Venetian, mini and vertical. Blinds are often less than curtains, and are great for reducing the decorating budget.



Shutters can be fitted into the window by inserting inside the frame work of the window. They are usually 2 doors and open towards the inside of the house. There are 2 types of shutters: Plantation and Accordion Shutters,

Plantation Shutters. These are made of wood or vinyl to provide privacy and room darkening capabilities. This style of shutter can be customized to fit most window shapes.

Accordion Shutters. This type of shutter attaches two or more panels together so they will fold open. Exterior accordions are utilized in regions exposed to extreme weather conditions.



A shade is generally one piece of material that raises and lowers, but does not have moveable slats. Shades are set at the top of a window and are pulled down to provide a cover that is translucent but doesn't block out the light. Roller shades are a bit simpler and do have less options of use. However shades have no unsightly stack or any tendency to collect dust. Shades have greater insulation and heat reduction properties and are available in a huge number of fabric options. Many architects, designers, business and home owners alike prefer to use this.

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